Founder Włodzimierz Umaniec

Włodzimierz Umaniec (b. 1986 in Kostomuksha, Russia), collector and director of the Heteronymous Painters, founded his collection of art in 2020 after being introduced to the work of Portuguese modernist writer Fernando Pessoa. Inspired by the so-called heteronymic machine deployed by Pessoa, Umaniec saw heteronomy as a missing device which was necessary to provide understanding and unity to his eclectic collection. “I’m a collector”, says Umaniec, “in an exact sense as Pessoa was a single-man publishing house, through which (his) writings of different authors were released. This, of course, suggests a paradox, as I make a lot of collected works myself, and at the same time I’m never their author. My approach to collecting is defined by that paradox/heteronomy.”

For Umaniec, the internal split of personality that Pessoa’s activity implies, doesn’t differ from the process of a human’s birth—both result in the emergence of new and distinguished beings.

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