No. O-3

Hikari Hamada
Lana Rose-Wiszniewska

23 October – 7 November, 2021
Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London, UK

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Thames-Side Studios Gallery
Harrington Way, Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR

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Exhibition Hours
Thursday – Sunday 12.00 – 17.00 and by appointment




Wait for IT. IT will explain everything. Or, at least, IT will explain the paintings, to you. — IT will connect the colours and the lines with Camus, Sartre, or Kierkegaard; IT will chain the brushstrokes to the history of art; IT will justify the monochromatic light.

Be patient, IT will arrive. Elucidation, interpretation, solution, whatever you call IT. IT will tame the void. IT will ease your fear of emptiness.

Yes, IT is good that you want IT. Your desire to comprehend the incomprehensible forms, to noetically harness abstraction, is the inherited fire of the West, let IT burn.

Are you afraid? Of a large canvas that takes your thoughts, keeps them for a while or longer, and then gives them, altered, back to you… Have no fear… IT will bring the exact map of this change. For now, however, enjoy being lost, surrounded by nice little geometric puzzles.

And stay alert, after you exit the show —

IT can be hidden in a text, in a song, in a dream, in a summer thunder, in a cold morning light, in the eyes of a panther. In a photograph of the German fashion model you love. IT can be (in) another painting, by someone, in the past or in the far future. — Every painting ever painted or ever to be painted carries the ultimate explanation of the paintings you are looking at here and now, do you believe IT?

IT can be a wall. Made of long-awaited meanings. IT can satisfy your mind but… IT’s a wall, IT can also make you wonder what’s beyond IT.

Don’t think about IT. Wait until IT touches you.

IT is about time. Just wait. Just live. What if IT is waiting for IT?

IT may manifest when you least expect IT, when you have already forgotten about IT. Just be open to IT, day and night.

IT might be true, IT might be a lie. Sometimes IT might be a con-fusion of truth and lies — don’t try to extract the truth. Leave IT as IT is.

IT might die in you before you know IT. Don’t despair if you miss IT. In the end, IT doesn’t really matter.

When IT finally comes to you, be thankful. That’s IT and only IT.

Text by Marcin Łodyga

Hikari Hamada (b. 1990) and Lana Rose-Wiszniewska (b. 1991) are New York based independent artists who recently completed a private residency programme organized by Heteronymous Painters in London. The paintings to be displayed at the Thames-Side Studios Gallery are the result of Hamada's and Rose-Wiszniewska's collaborative work during their stay in the UK.

Marcin Łodyga (b. 1979) is a Polish poet and philosopher, currently lives and works in Vrhnika (Slovenia).


Hikari Hamada Lana Rose-Wiszniewska
Exhibition catalogue
Heteronymous Painters, London 2022


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