The HP Collection is a private collection of art, with a focus on curating and exhibiting contemporary paintings made by various known and unknown authors from the unspecified period.

In addition to managing a range of works and ephemera, it is also committed to the archiving and public presentation of yellowism derivatives.

The collection is divided into two distinctive parts. Works from the first group span drawing, painting, mixed media, three-dimensional, performance and ready-made. Whereas another category consists of yellowism documentation and post-yellowism works produced by yellowism founders Vladimir Umanetz and Marcin Łodyga between 2010 – 2019.

A small number of works from the collection has been presented for the first time in three experimental settings in London, UK in 2021. Initially, after functioning as Heteronymous Painters (HP) Limited and being defined as a nomadic gallery/archive, in 2022 the collection began its independent growth and was given its current name. Meanwhile, Heteronymous Painters became a legal body that enables public access to the HP Collection, and acts as a verifier of all of the works ever acquired.

Due to the lack of a physical exhibition space, the collection is consistently being uploaded and developed online, with a possibility to view and study all of the works directly on a one-to-one basis in its London archive.

The HP Collection welcomes requests to lend works and contributes to presentations outside of its limited resources. The collection invites groups and individuals to develop projects and commissions as well as to join forces to create collaborative exhibition programmes to increase accessibility of contemporary painting and presence of yellowism.

As the collection expands, new positions are added regularly.

Copyright © the artists and Heteronymous Painters. All rights reserved.