No. O-1

Rodion Ulrich


17 October – 22 November, 2020
Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room,
London, UK

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Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room
Harrington Way, Warspite Road
London SE18 5NR

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The figurative or 'recognisable' elements in this series are partly based on the decade-old photographic documentation of Vladimir Umanetz’s and Marcin Lodyga’s studio work. In 2010, during their stay in Cairo, both artists were developing the idea of an obscure post-artistic phenomenon known as yellowism, which later triggered their gradual resignation from art. They've tested various ideas and as a result, produced numerous flat and three-dimensional sketches and notes. I’ve remixed chosen fragments of Umanetz’s and Lodyga’s research outcomes on canvas and therefore, describe these paintings as yellowism studies. [...]

It seems to me that there is an increasing tendency to call all art political, which I rather question. My intention was to capture that specific time period, when such questioning occurs. So it is also correct to refer to a sequence of those murals as a time-within-time works.

— Rodion Ulrich

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